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#28 More Confirmation

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 11:49pm by Lieutenant Alona Tal "Centurion"

Mission: The Restroffs (Space Spiders)
Location: engineering
Timeline: current


Upon leaving Sickbay Alona made her way to her quarters. On entry she began to disrobe, tossing her Romulan uniform over a chair and changing into her Starfleet clothing. Except for her boots. She tucked the Starfleet pants into them, folding them inside for comfort and utility, her trousers now similar to black equestrian pants. She did put on her Romulan equipment belt, but left off the shoulder harness, attaching her teral'n hilt and holster to the belt, buckling the sidearm down on the thigh like a tactical holster. She went and stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, rolling her eyes with a sigh. "Ugh!" She turned and left her quarters, taking up her tricorder and palm PADD and attaching them to her belt as she exited.

making her way through the corridors, not unaware of the looks she was getting as she passed by others, Alona made her way to engineering. Being in the Starfleet uniform automatically made the other engineers comfortable. She was listed as an engineer, but wearing the full Romulan garb would have caused more attention to be turned her way. Making her way casually through the compartments she entered the chamber for the antimatter storage tanks. Taking out her tricorder Alona went to the transkinetic chamber, seeing it was operating perfectly. However, using the system's own internal diagnostics, and her tricorder, it was soon apparent that the theta radiation which should have filled the chamber was merely a fine mist, essentially. The radiometric converters were absorbing the radiation but the quantity was so low that it was having an affect on some power systems around the ship.

~Yep, time to go see the Captain~

Holstering her tricorder Alona turned and left after making a notation in the engineering logs as to what was happening to the theta radiation. At least that way it was logged that they had discovered another discrepancy.



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