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#27 Another Possibility

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Alona Tal "Centurion" & Lieutenant JG Tore Bjorgo M.D.

Mission: The Restroffs (Space Spiders)
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: current


Doctor Bjorgo was in his office at the front side of his desk as he read from a PADD in hand. He was casually leaning back on the edge of the desk as he tapped keys to read reports. He had had a few calls and patients come through, due to the spider dilemma, but nothing he couldn't handle. His Sickbay was full of brilliant medical staff and he was glad for that. His door, as usual, was locked open so he could hear out in Sickbay. Raised voices and exclamations would signal incoming wounded in any medical ward, and Tore was always ready for that. There was something to be said about Augment endurance and quick reaction time. Plus, his hearing could pick up a gnat passing gas at ten paces. That thought made him grin to himself.

He caught movement at his doorway and brought his face up from reading. "Hello, Centurion Alona. What can I do for you?" He stood up from his leaning.

Considering that an invitation to enter the office Alona stepped into the CMO's sanctum. Even on Romulan ships Sickbay was claimed territory and the medical staff were protective of it and their patients. She had a PADD in hand and stepped in on his left side, raising it to be seen by both. "I think I've discovered what the spiders are after. Our little shuttle jaunt took in tons of data but it took me some time to go through it, initially. Once I got started I couldn't stop."

"Obssessive Compulsive Disorder," Tore's head swiveled around a couple times. "I think I've got something for that."

"Ohhh, you're so funny," came out of her mouth dripping with sarcasm. Then her eyes met his with a snarky expression. "May we continue?"

"By all means," chuckled Tore.

After an irritated Sigh Alona continued. She brought up a holographic display of the star system and where all the webbing was. "Do you see a pattern, Doctor?"

As he looked at the images Bjorgo began to see that the webs were formed into parachute-like bubbles. The spiders would huddle together under these domes of webbing for quite some time, but then, out of nowhere, waves of them would leave at once. They headed directly for the hulks, attaching and taking up sustenance, then they would return to the bubble. "Like the tides they break away in groups to gather food, then return. As if they can't stand the conditions of open space for too long."

"Not that." Alona rolled her eyes. "The web domes. What they're doing is directly related, I'll grant, but it is not the reason WHY they do it. As we got within 200 meters of this dome," she pointed. "The sensors had been adjusted for short range, high intensity. Once the scans burned through all the arachnid bodies it detected theta radiation in droves within that bubble, but none outside of it. None in the entire star system. Except for the starships, there is no trace of theta here."

"Curious," said Bjorgo as he rubbed his chin and continued to look at the holographic images. "And, starships produce theta radiation due to the use of antimatter."

"Precisely." Alona's eyes actually became softer, back to a more understanding gaze. "What if it's Theta radiation they feed on. It is a byproduct of antimatter, so here we are thinking that's what they're after. Theta radiation is a form of energy which can be extremely toxic to humanoid life. In high enough concentrations it can disrupt subspace and prevent the formation of a stable warp field. Thus, ships get 'stuck'."

The Doctor knew all about theta radiation and its affects. "I'm already formulating an anti-toxin for the patient in stasis. Knowing it is theta will help tremendously. His symptoms are all theta. Hallucinations, fatigue, and nausea. In time it can cause cellular degradation and severely shorten lifespan. In extremely high levels it will liquefy organic matter. Perhaps their venom is a byproduct of what they consume."

Alona's tone sounded like she could care less about the medical implications, which honestly, she didn't. ~Just another dead body. Welcome to space travel~ she thought.

"We have to make sure the transkinetic chamber isn't damaged. It breaks down the residual antimatter on a subatomic level," she explained. "The radiometric converters absorb the radiation. That recycled energy is used to power various ship systems. If these buggers have a taste for theta radiation, and that's why they swarm, then we can most definitely figure out a solution for all."

"For all, meaning?" He raised his eyebrows at her.

"We don't have to wipe out a species. Instead, we can aid them." She raised her own eyebrows but hers were done with a saucy expression. "Good enough?"

"Good way to put it," added Tore. "I'll get to synthesizing as you get to presenting that to the Captain and Exec." He leaned in quickly and kissed her on the left cheek. As he pulled back much slower than he had gone in he noted that she gave him a blank stare and stood stock still.

Whatever this Terran's (Augment's) reason for kissing her she would not give him the satisfaction of reacting to it. Alona blinked her eyes twice rapidly, readjusting her vision from seeing green (she has green blood). The wrath in her core slowly eased back as she inhaled through her nose and let it out through her mouth without a sound. "Beware your aspirations, Doctor. They may be your undoing." That said she spun on her heel and left the medical bay.

Bjorgo watched her leave, enjoying the view she provided from behind. She was attractive, there was no denying that. But, what he sensed more than anything else was danger. Mystery. Someone who could match his own physical stature. It would be a challenge but he readily accepted it.



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