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Post # 26 "A Child Shall Lead Them"

Posted on Fri Jun 26th, 2020 @ 3:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Will Raymond & Lieutenant JG H'iri & Master Sergeant John Dallas & Captain Cyndi Song & Lieutenant Tara Herculoid PhD & Lieutenant Amethyst Aloran & Kal Aloran

Mission: The Restroffs (Space Spiders)
Location: USS Amandora
Timeline: Concurrent to 20-24


< Cargo Bay >

Security was added as the spiders filled the aft section of the cargo bay. It had been necessary to extend the field to allow the spiders to expand. The plus side was the aft cargo hold doors could be opened to expel the spiders.

" Lieutenant security is fully vested. If they get out my marines will eat them alive," promised Master Sergeant Dallas.

"They better," Tara said "As if they get out I'm out of here."

Amethyst walked through the doors with Will, letting out a startled gasp as she saw the spiders being held behind the forcefield. “There’s ... so many of them.”

Will swallowed never seeing so,many huge beings in one place. " It's like a zoo. What's the plan now?" he asked.

Cyndi walked into the cargo bay and after seeing the amount of spiders and the size of them drew her phaser and set it on wide beam heavy stun. One look at the science chief and Cyndi knew how scared Herculoid was even though she was doing her best to hide it. "LIeutenant Herculoid did you get some good scans on them?"

"I did captain," Tara said

While the others were talking Amethyst slowly moved forward, she’d allowed some telepathic input from the spiders and it’s effect was almost hypnotic. She slowly moved to the forcefield placing her hand on the field watching it ripple as the small spiders all moved to gather around the same spot.

H'iri and Kal ran in seconds later. "He insssists."

"Mummy, we have to save their mummy. She needs to go home."

Amethyst’s gaze turned to Kal, yet she seemed different. “I know young one, my young ones need me and I need them. Release us from this ... field.”

Will immediately saw the change.

" Can you understand me? We represent the United Federation of Planets. We are a peaceful race of explorers."

“Peaceful, yet you catch us and keep us in here?” Amethyst motioned to the forcefield. “Why do you hold us here? The one whom through we communicate has no knowledge of why you hold us.”

" You entered our ship without permission. You damaged our vessel. We had to remove you so we could make the repairs. If we could release you safely will you allow our ship to leave this system?" Will asked unaware the Captain had arrived.

“You are the Captain are you not?” Amethyst looked at Cyndi. “Do you wish to release us?”

Will turned around and looked to Cyndi realizing she had arrived.

Cyndi walked as close to the forcefield as she dared and stood next to Amethyst "I'm the captain of this ship. My name is Cyndi, we mean you no harm. But as you have been told you did enter my ship without permission, you've attempted to drain our anti-matter. This is why your being held. I am prepared to order your release on two conditions. One that you release all the ships that you have trapped in your webbing out there and explain to me why your doing so. Two is once the ships are released you remove all the webbing and then tell me how we can help you. I'm a scientist and I have a chief science officer who is ready and willing same as I am to assist you. Those are my terms. I do not wish to harm you but you have harmed my ship."

“The senses on this one ... Amethyst, tell me that you mean what you say. These ships as you call them, provide us with rich nutrition. Can you promise us that you will find another source of this nutrition to feed us?”

"Yes I do mean what I say. These ships your feeding off of have crews aboard and when you deplete the anti-matter the warp core is gone and the crews suffocate and die. The like us need the anti-matter to power our ships and by draining it your killing those who live on those ships," Cyndi said "We're prepared to assist you in finding a way to help you. But you need to agree to my terms before I'll give that order."

Will's comm badge buzzed as a call from the bridge came in.

" I am on my way." Will responded but stopped to hug Kal.

Amethyst nodded. “Very well ... we agree to your terms, but be warned do not deceive us or the cost will be a great one.” With that Amethyst was released from her communicative state landing on her knees through sheer exhaustion.

“Mummy!” Kal gently hugged his mother.

“It’s ... okay sweetheart ... I’m okay.” Amethyst offered her son a smile.

Master Sergeant Dallas pulled his team back.

"Lieutenant report to sick bay to be checked out," Cyndi ordered as she tapped her com-badge "Transporter room lock onto the spiders in the cargo bay and beam them back into space and back to the nearest web."

In seconds and with a collective sigh of relief from everyone in the cargo bay as the spiders were beamed back into space.

"Captain I'll see what I can find to help them," Tara said the relief clear in her voice.

"Scan for a planet they can survive on that has what they need," Cyndi said

The mother spider clicked and suddenly the babies jumped upon her back in unison.

=/\= Raymond to Captain Song. You're needed on the bridge.=/\= Will called to her via comm badge.

Amethyst got to her feet and held out her hand to Kal. “Let’s go to Sickbay Kal” She nodded to Song before heading on her way with Kal.

H'iri join them in their walk whipping her tail about.

" Those are verry big arrrchnidsss. Herrr wordsss carrry warningsss to heed."

Tapping her com-badge "On my way," Cyndi called as she headed for the bridge, once there she walked over to where her first officer was seated and took the center seat. "Report."



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