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Post #25 The seeds of life

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 1:25am by Lieutenant Tara Herculoid PhD & Lieutenant Amethyst Aloran

Mission: The Restroffs (Space Spiders)
Location: Science lab
Timeline: Current


Making her way to the science lab Amethyst carefully carried the box she’d put the Brol seeds into. She was hoping these seeds would lead to a whole new Brol generation and she intended to take good care of them.

Tara seeing Amethyst walk into the science lab with the box of seeds, gave final orders to her officer before walking over to where the councilor was. "How many seeds are there and are you thinking we should plant them?"

Amethyst looked at the seeds, to be honest I’m not sure but I guess if they’re to grow we should plant them. There’s only a handful but I guess that’s enough to get the Brol started again.”

"Then we'll get them planted and I can only hope they don't grow too fast as I don't know where we'd keep them," Tara said as she walked over and returned with several large posts. After scanning the seedlings she replicated the proper soil for them "Let's get them planted. You ready to start?"

Amethyst nodded. “I’m more than ready, I’m eager to get the Brol started again.” She smiled warmly.

"Let's get started," Tara said setting to work putting the soil into the pots, picking up the first seedling she carefully removed it from the container it was in and gently put it into the soil and added more soil to it and gently packing it down. "One down,"

“Nine more to go” Amethyst smiled. “How long do you think it’ll take for these to start growing?”

"It depends on them, I can easily make them grow faster but that might violate the Prime Directive," Tara commented

Amethyst nodded. “No we’ll let them grow normally, let the, develop the way they’re supposed to.”

Several minutes later all the seedlings were planted and set carefully on a bench. Tara scanned them and then turned to Amethyst "Next question is do you want me to keep them here or do you want to take them to your quarters?"

“I think they’d be better off here, I'll sense it when they’re ready for communication. They did say they’d speak to me again.”

"I'll keep a good eye on them, and I'll move them into my office where I can secure it," Tara said

“Thank you Tara” Amethyst smiled and nodded before heading on her way.



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