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Post # 24 Saplings and Arachnids

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 7:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Will Raymond & Lieutenant JG H'iri & Lieutenant Amethyst Aloran & Christina Monroe

Mission: The Restroffs (Space Spiders)
Location: USS Amandora
Timeline: Concurrent


Will left the bridge and went down to sickbay to find Counselor Aloran. Both socially and professionally as his intentions were driven.

< Sickbay >

After her disturbing dream about the spiders Amethyst had sunk herself back into her work, it seemed as good a way as any to settle her nerves. She still needed to have the seeds the Brol had given her looked at, someth8ng she planned to get done. She was collecting some files from Sickbay when she instinctively looked towards the doors sensing Will’s approach. She smiled brightly as he walked into Sickbay.

Will kissed Amethyst immediately holding her hands.

" How you doin? " Will said with an accent. He had business with the Counselor but there was always time for pleasure.

“I’m fine now, promise!” Amethyst smiled. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

" It's two fold pleasure now business. The seeds, can you and Lt Tara Herculoid touch base and examine them? The Captain is worried they will out grow the ships capacity at some point." Will replied.

“Of course” Amethyst nodded. “So far there’s no sign of them germinating but that doesn’t mean they won’t, Brol did say they’d see me again.” Her smile faded a little thinking of the sacrifice the Brol made.

Will saw her sadness hugged her.

" This is a hell of an assignment."

Amethyst nodded. “Yes it is but at least I have you here.” She smiled.

" Yes you do. The Captain wants us to find another way of communicating with the Brol seeds once they sprout. She doesn't want to exhaust you. H'iri has telepathy do you think she has the abuility too?" Will replied.

“It’s possible, perhaps the two of us working in tandem could succeed better?” Amethyst paused for a moment. “Telepathy is hard work but these are just seeds at the moment, it’s easier to communicate using touch as well. To get a closer connection I can use touch Telepathy, it’s something I can teach H’iri.”

" Good plan then. The Captain will surely approve. How's Kal?"

“When I dropped him off at school he was bubbling about learning more about spiders.” She grinned. “He’s a very ... resilient little man, he’s confident and he gets along well with other children not that we have that many aboard as yet.”

" My son an arachnologist...eek. Okay so I will touch base with H'iri and send her your way." Will replied.

Amethyst nodded and smiled. “We’ll get started as soon as possible.”

< Class Room >

Four children sat around a group taking attention to the teachers words but not Kal. Off set by a nagging day dream he had picked up a padd and started doodling a series of connecting lines. Lines later to reveal what was on his mind, spiders.

Christina smiled as she walked over to Kal, “That’s a nice drawing Kal, but we weren’t talking about spiders earlier were we?” She sat down beside him. “Are you sure you’re not more afraid than you told me?” She wondered if she should talk to Amethyst about it.

" They're building this. A big one. I heard them speaking in my head." Kal replied.

Christina gave Kal a worried look. “How’s about we give your parents a call and you can tell them about it.” She moved across to her desk and hit the comms. =/\= Monroe to Commander Raymond, can I see Counsellor Aloran and yourself as soon as possible please. =/\=

< Sick Bay >

Will greeted H'iri and explained to the Caitian the need. Expressing how much if a mental strain all this was having on Amethyst. The two officers then returned to Amethyst office. H'iri quickly ran to Amethyst and hugged her. Her ginger tail a whipping.

" We can do thisss," H'iri hissed.

“It’s a strain H’iri, but any help is welcome.” Amethyst smiled. “Are Caitians usually telepathic?”

" We arrre. We lllearrrn what is happening."

Will received the call from Christina and interrupted.

" We're need at the class room."

Amethyst looked at Will concenedly, “Is there something wrong?”

" The teacher didn't say specifically."

“Christina doesn’t call unless it’s very important” Amethyst looked at Will. “Let’s go and see what’s going on.”

<< The school - A few minutes later >>

Amethyst looked at her son shocked as Christina explained what he’d said. She looked at Will before walking over to Kal. “Sweetheart ... are the spiders talking to you?”

" I'm scared. They're in my head." Kal teared up.

Will knealt down and hugged his son.

" Kal it's ok. Do you know what they're saying?" Will asked.

" They want their mummy back. She's missing." Kal replied.

Amethyst remained firmly at her son’s side. “I don’t understand this, Kal hasn’t shown any signs of developing his telepathic abilities early, I’d have sensed it if he had. Perhaps they’re just using him as a conduit because he’s young and his mind is easy to enter unlike us adults.” She looked at Kal. “Sweetheart ... will you trust me?”

Kal nodded as he looked at his mother.

Amethyst gently placed her hand on Kal’s face as she used her Telepathy to try and listen in on what Kal was hearing. She closed her eyes as she focussed before suddenly gasping and letting go. “Sorry ... they’re not willing to communicate with me, they shut me out!”

" Could it be the one we have in custody down in the cargo bay? Lt Herculoid is monitoring it as we speak." said Will.

“What?! We have one of those spiders onboard the ship?” She looked at Kal. “Don’t worry sweetheart I’m going to arrange for the doctor to put an inhibitor on you, it’ll stop the spiders talking to you okay?” She looked at Will. “Can that be arranged?”

" Certainllly. I will need to take,the boy to ssick bay." H'iri replied as she went with.

The quartet quickly returned to sickbay where Kal was given a neural inhibitor to supress the telepathy.

" He will need to ressst." H'iri suggested.

" We need to get down to the Cargo bay to see if you can make contact with that spider." said Will.

Amethyst nodded and gently kissed Kal on the forehead. “I’ll be back soon sweetheart, you stay here with H’iri she’ll look after you.” She looked at Will. “Let’s go and get this over with.”



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