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Post #75. Divine Prophecy

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 5:56pm by Lieutenant Amethyst Raymond & Commander Will Raymond & Ensign Eva Humphreys & Crewman Kuroth Tor

Mission: Star Base Mercury
Location: Starbase Mercury/USS Amandora
Timeline: Concurrent


The freigher slowly glided to port and the gang plank opened as its passengers disembarked. One being, an elder but spry Bajoran vedek was among them.

His destination was the starship Amandora, docked for a little while longer.

Riding the skiff over he set foot on his new home as Moral and Diplomatic attache.

" Welcome sir." greeted Eva Humphreys.

" Thank you my child. Which way to the ships chapel?" asked Tor.

" This way sir."

Amethyst was taking baby Flora for a walk, Kal was in school, one of the mothers had kindly volunteered to take over in Christina’s place while she recovered from her stabbing. She was walking past the chapel when she saw a new face heading towards it.

The older gent had a distinct facial mark of the Bajor but his regulation grey uniform clearly showed he was a crewman.

" Peace be with you. I am Kuroth Tor new ships morale officer. Who might you be pretty lady?"

Amethyst smiled warmly. “I’m Amethyst Raymond, ships Counsellor, and Thank you for the compliment. You did say that you’re a morale officer? We’ll no doubt be working together to look after the well-being of the crew.”

" I am told this will be a challenge. I also am the diplomatic officer and clergical attache." he added.

“Well you certainly have a mixed role. As for difficult we’ve had a bit of a time of it this last mission but it hasn’t been all that challenging as yet.” Amethyst smiled warmly. “The crew do need someone who can lead them in the spiritual side of things though.”

" Child might I trouble you to help me with this box?" Tor asked as he prepared to lift it up onto a nook.

" It is a particle of orb from the Celestial Temple. Once a week it pulsates and if I am near it I am granted its wisdom. "

Amethyst nodded and helped with raising the box. “May I ask which orb you have a particle of?”

" The ninth orb. The Cardies relinquished it after the war. The orb of patience I call it."

“I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before” Amethyst smiled. “Not that I know much about Bajoran Orbs anyway.”

" As a Vedek I cleaned the temple on DS9. The orb was delivered there and a piece rolled near my sandle. I oicked it up and was immediately taken to the celestial temple where I was told to be a prophet of peace and unions. I served the temple for 25 years and moved to DS9 to become a diplomatic envoy, as I was instructed." Tor replied.

“Wow that’s some destiny” Amethyst smiled warmly. “I recently thought my destiny was going to be being a tree!” She grinned. “We met a new species the Brol, in an attempt to help me communicate more strongly with him Brol gave me a fruit that altered me. I was covered in bark at one point but since the birth of Flora ...” she looked at her daughter. “I’m back to normal and she’s the only one who retains any Brol dna. We're not sure what that means for her yet.”

" I see. Would you like have some time with the fragment?" Tor asked.

Amethyst gave Tor a more serious glance. “Thank you, but no. I don’t want to know in advance what the future holds for me. If it was bad I’d forever worry about it. I’d rather live my life day by day and let the future bring whatever it brings.”

" A wise woman indeed. Now one more request Counselor. Nourishment? " Tor replied.

Amethyst smiled warmly as she gently rocked Flora’s pram back and forth. “That would be lovely, thank you.”

" If you ever need a baby sitter I am always available as well. It is good for my morale. Let's go to this... Ten Forward?" Tor added.

“Why not” Amethyst nodded. “I’ll show you the way.” As they started walking she looked at Tor. “I’m sure you’ll be made very welcome here.”

" I hope so. May I hold the little girl? The last time I held a baby was not a good memory. This child has a special ora." Tor commented.

“Of course” Amethyst nodded and paused walking. She gently picked Flora up and handed her to Tor. “She’s special, the only baby born in a matter of days instead of months. It was a very rapid and unusual pregnancy.”

Tor smiled as a grandfather might. Kissed the child and whispered an old Bajor prayer.

" Can you say Tor?"

Flora cooed.

" Close enough. " Tor smiled as he carried Flora to the lift.

Amethyst grinned. “She likes you, children are a pretty good judge of character, I have a five year old son as well.”

" My children are all deceased. During a Maquis raid. The Cardassians were a brutal people and the Dominion were worse. " Tor replied. " I am the last of my family."

“I’m sorry to hear that” Amethyst offered an understanding smile. “You have the crew of the Amandora as a family now, and anytime you need to talk my door will be open to you.”

Tor nodded as he did not desire pitty as he had earned his grief. His children had died because if his involvement with the Macquis. Their memory was his penance.

The turbo door opened and soon they found Ten Forward.

Will was there speaking to a crewman when they entered.

“Will” Amethyst smiled as she gently took Flora from Tor before introducing them. “This is Kuroth Tor our new ships morale officer.” She smiled as she looked at Tor. “Kuroth this is Commander Will Raymond, ships Executive Officer and my husband.”

" You are a blessed man Commander. Your beautiful wife has been my date this day. Please join us for nourishment." Tor replied.

" I am blessed. Yes let's get a window view. " Will replied scooping Flora away from Amethyst. " Morale officer and Diplomatic officer I believe. All the way from,Bajor? Why did you leave DS9?" Will asked.

" Divine Prophecy Commander. It is the will of the Prophets for me to come here. Long story." Tor said pulling their chairs out for them.

" OK then. Welcome sir." Will replied with no good come back. " Imzadi I missed you this morning. Did you visit Christina?"

“I was going to” Amethyst nodded. “She was asleep when I got there so I left her a gift and went for a little walk with Flora. I had to drop off Kal with his temporary teacher anyway.” She smiled.

" Eek I hope that goes well. " Will said.

" I am also a scholar if there is need for a teacher? " Tor added. " I want to be useful."

Amethyst smiled. “I’m sure Christina would appreciate that, she’s recently suffered a err ... injury and needs time to recouperate. She’s been Kal’s nanny since he was born and she’s now taken over as teacher here to help out onboard.”

" I would love to help. After breakfast I will introduce myself. " Tor replied.

" Well I have bridge duty so Tor I will see you later. Imzadi I will see you tonight," Will smiled.

Tor smiled.

" He is very much in love. I see why," Tor added.

“Thank you” Amethyst smiled warmly, “I should be getting back, I’m supposed to be resting!” She grinned. “It’s been nice meeting you.”

" How rude of me. Thank you for your time Counselor. " Tor apologized.

“There’s no need to apologise” Amethyst smiled. “I’ve enjoyed talking to you.” She turned to leave. “Oh and welcome to the Amandora!”

Tor kissed Amethyst hand and bowed to her.

Amethyst couldn’t help but blush, Tor was treating her like she was royalty. “I’ll look forward to our next meeting.” With that she headed on her way.

Tor then ate his breakfast.



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