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Post Number 76 What Happened

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 10:42pm by 1st Lieutenant Alesha Rivers & Captain David Hurd Senior & Master Sergeant John Dallas

Mission: Star Base Mercury
Location: Captain Hurd's Office
Timeline: Current


Narla had been monitoring things with the permission of Commodore Song and while Narla was fine with things. There were a couple of things that had her concerned and before she could officially promote Hurd to the position of the Amandora's Second Officer she needed to speak with him and get some answers. Two dead marines when the ship was no on assignment but rather in dock had her a little worried. Walking from her guest quarters Narla made her way to Alesha's guest quarters.

Alesha opened her door "I take it, it's time?"

Narla nodded "Bring your transfer orders as well. We're going to meet Captain Hurd."

Grabbing her orders Alesha fell instep as she walked with Narla to the marine deck. There were double takes as the Major General passed and salutes and snaps to attention. Entering Hurd's office Narla took a seat at his desk and tapped her com-badge "Captain Hurd report to your office,"

Master Sergeant Dallas had inspected his marines and released them to prepare for the surprise to come later

Narla had walked to Captain Hurd's office door and watched the marines, spotting one Master Sargent "Master Sargent! I'd like you to join me in Captain Hurd's office while we wait for him!" Narla called she resumed her seat at Hurd's desk

Walking in, Hurds entire body immediately stiffened. Saluting, he said, "Captain David Hurd, reporting as ordered Ma'am"

Narla stood and returned the salute "At ease captain," she looked over to Alesha and nodded

Alesha walked over to Hurd and handed him her transfer orders "First Lieutenant Alesha Rivers sir. I've just been transferred aboard. I'm a fighter pilot and a marine."

Hurd nodded, looked the orders over briefly, and placed them on a nearby chair. Returning his gaze to the General, he said, "General, might I enquire as to the reasoning for your visit?"

"Have a seat captain," Narla said resuming her seat "I should introduce myself, I'm Major General Narla Long. I've been here for a few days, Lieutenant Rivers brought me here in her fighter. I have a good reason for being here. But before I go into that, I need some answers as to why there are two dead marines. Commodore Song has given me full access to the ships longs." looking to Alesha "You know you can sit down too."

"I would prefer to stand", Hurd said as he launched into his explanation. "We were having a MMA match to raise the crews spirits, and some point between final checking the safety protocalls and the second match, they were altered."Riggs suffered massive, ultimately fatal injuries." "As for the other incident, little information is available as yet."

Narla nodded "That's the same report the commodore said to. Has Riggs family been notified if not I'll take care of it. I do like the idea of what you were trying to do to raise the crew's moral. That shows what kind of officer we have in you."

Master Sergeant Dallas remained at attention but managed to eye ball the Lieutenant.

Pausing for a moment, Hurd replied, "No General, with respect, I was his Commanding Officer, and was with him when he died, so if it's ok, I'd rather be the one to inform the family, in person." Looking the General dead in the eyes he continued, "The death of both of those men rest squarely on my shoulders, nobody elses."

Narla's voice softened "Captain, your not to blame for either of their deaths. Riggs was an unfortunate accident and I don't have all the details of Krodel's death yet. I do however understand where your coming from. We as commanding officers feel responsible when someone under our command dies. We do feel responsible and everyone who puts on a uniform be it Starfleet, the Marines or even a position from our home planet knows the risks. I respect your decision and will let you make the calls. Sergent Dallas you can relax, I don't bite,"

Alesha stifled a snicker at Narla's comment.

" Thank you General." Dallas replied. Remembering the image of Kordell being shot multiple times played in his head. Unfamiliar with the events leading up to the shooting.

"Oh your talking about that scumbag Kordell as the second one", Hurd sneered. His eyes turning black, he said, quite simply, "He stabbed my Girlfriend who come to find out was pregnant with my child". "A chase ensued, I happened upon it, and, as your Daughter can confirm, I shot Kordell 6 times with this", he said, taking his .45 out of his holster and laying it on the desk in front of her.

* The new Doctor is her daughter? Dallas realized.

Alesha instinctively placed her hand on her sidearm when Captain Hurd had drawn his weapon and placed it on the desk.

Narla had seen the looked from Dallas, "Yes Doctor Long is my daughter, but let me tell you she gets no special treatment. Just as my niece is assigned to this ship." Picking up the weapon that Captain Hurd had placed on the desk. "Impressive weapon, and yes I was talking about Kordell. I don't blame you for killing him but I only wish he could have been questioned. I'm not going to reprimand you for killing him, I'll list it as self defense considering what you've just told me. How is your girlfriend and the unborn child doing?" Looking at Alesha "You can relax too, I'm in no danger here. Sergeant Dallas do you have anything to add to this?"

" No Major General. Permission to be excused? Team 2 is awaiting me to deploy for training." Dallas replied.

Permission granted, I want you and the marines in full dress uniform in an hour," Narla said, she looked to Alesha "That goes for you too,"

" Dress uniform? OK I will inform them of the change in schedule." Dallas replied.

Alesha nodded "I'll be ready,"

"Captain I've gotten the answers I was looking for," Narla said getting to her feet and offering her hand to Hurd. "I'll see you in an hour too, dress uniform and that is when my reason for being here will be revealed. Rivers is a fine marine and pilot. I leave her in your charge. Do you have any questions for me or for Rivers?"

"No Ma'am, Hurd said, his head starting to spin. "Orders received and understood."

"I'll see you then, relax your not in trouble," Narla said



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