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Post #73 Aftermath

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 5:50pm by Commander Will Raymond & Lieutenant Amethyst Raymond & Lieutenant Kristian Long & Captain David Hurd Senior & Kal Raymond & Christina Monroe

Mission: Star Base Mercury
Location: Sickbay


The transporter shimmered an unconscious Christina onto a biobed, her clothing was soaked in her own blood and she was looking very pale., Kal and Flora arrived next.

Back in Sickbay after being returned Amethyst rushed to comfort her son and take Flora, relieved they were both unharmed although the mental trauma would be one she’d need to talk to Kal about. Right now she was concerned for her friend.

"What the hell happened!" Kristian exclaimed as she rushed over to where Christina was and looked to Amethyst "I want the kids out of the way. There is a small nursery filled with toys and a holographic baby sitter. Take them there, they don't need to see this and I want to know what happened." she grabbed a pair of scissors and pulled a screen around the bio-bed as she began to cut away Christina's clothing, swearing she began to swab away the blood and grabbed the auto suture and set to work to stop the bleeding of the wound. Once it was done Long picked up the medical tri-coder and scanned her and did a double take at her readings. Setting to work Kristian picked up the auto-suture and sutured the deep wound closed taking great care in doing so.

Amethyst nodded and took her children to the nursery. As they entered she lay flora on the sofa and sat down before motioning to Kal to sit on her lap. “Are you okay?” She held him tightly. “You’re safe now okay? I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

Kal nodded and cuddled up to his mother. “I can show you Mummy.” He looked up at Amethyst.

Amethyst nodded, they’d practiced sharing thoughts before so Kal was used to letting his mother into his mind. Amethyst gently probed Will’s memories of what he’d seen, watching events unfold. “Good boy” She smiled as she kissed the top of his head.”

It took Kristian nearly ten minutes to get the bleeding stopped and the wound closed. But what her scans had uncovered had her extremely concerned. Tapping her com-badge "Captain Hurd this is Doctor Long, I need to see you in sick bay, it's important."

Appearing from the children’s room Amethyst looked at Kristian. “How’s Christina? Will she be alright?”

Pulling a curtain around the bed Kristian turned to look at Amethyst "Yes she'll be fine, but I need to talk to Captain Hurd before I release any other information as it concerns him more."

"On my way now", Hurd replied, noting the concern in her voice. He took the first turbolift he could find, arriving in sickbay moments later. "Dr. Long, what's going on?"

"Captain, someone stabbed her, she's going to be okay but she'll need to take it easy for a few days. But that's not the main reason I called you," Kristian said "She's pregnant, the baby's fine the stabbing missed the fetus. But you needed to know.

"Pre..Pregnant?" Hurd stammered. Filling up with both Happiness and Anger, Hurds tone grew cold as he asked, "Doctor, can you assure me she and my child are going to be fine", he asked, still in shock about becoming a dad, "And I want to know who the hell did this".

"Yes captain as long as she's in sick bay I can assure you both of them are going to be fine. I'm armed and I know how to use it. Couple that with security has guards stationed outside of sick bay. I positive Doctor Borjo won't let anything happen to anyone in here either," Kristian said "I keep a phaser in my desk and in light of everything that's been going on I decided to go get it. It's in my pocket of my lab coat. So put aside any fears you may have."

Will Raymond joined Captain Hurd's right side.

" Hey Buddy are you ok?" he asked as a friend.

"More than ok", he replied in a happy tone. " Not only is she going to be ok, but I'm going to be a Father".

Kristian smiled at Hurd "I'll keep her overnight to make sure everything is okay and then I'll let her go home in the morning. But she'll need to take it easy for a few days yet."

" I can relate with that. I have to tuck my gal in and my two little ones. Congratulations." Will replied.

"Thank you sir", Hurd said, falling silent. Looking at Kristan, he said, "I'll make sure she does, and I'm also adding a Marine Guard on the door for the time being".

"That's not a bad idea until a handle can be gotten on this, and I'll resort to carrying a phaser for the time being as well. Not something I want to do but, it's necessary for now." Kristian said "Go ahead and go both of you and if something happens I'll call you."

" Doctor H'iri from the station is conducting Kordells autopsy and said she will forward the results to you and Dr Bjorgo." Will added to Dr Long.

"Make sure the commodore gets a copy as well," Kristian said.

" Of course Lieutenant." Will replied as he exited sickbay.

Hurd nods silently at the Doctor. Taking one last long look at Chrissy, he turned on his heels and left.



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