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Alia's Medical Report

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 1:35am by Lieutenant JG Alia Fitzgerald

Excerpts from medical report, Dr. Katriedes, Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Excursion:

…All the survivors, despite the exposure to human-lethal doses of radiation, have recovered completely. The modifications to Dr. Fitzgerald’s genome have provided her clone-children an amazing ability to resist mutagenic effects and even repair said damage afterwards. The same changes also seem to make them immune to the secondary characteristics of aging (graying hair, wrinkles, etc.). At this time, it’s impossible to tell whether true aging has been retarded or merely the appearance thereof as no human on Felicity-5 has ever died of ‘natural causes’…

…The modifications resist all but the most extreme attempts to change the subjects’ DNA, RNA and associated genetic material (including mitochondrial). Radiation, chemical, viral… all are dealt with an astonish swiftness. Even relatively ‘natural’ changes such as telomere shortening and stem cell senescence are stopped.
…All clones that survived to birth were given names on a strict rotation from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and then starting back over. Their middle name is the clone number for convenience and how they were referred to when ‘in vitro’. So Alia is the 27th viable clone of Dr. Fitzgerald, but the 276th clone attempt. Due to life support limitations, the typical population of the colony ranged between 5 and 6 barring disasters.

Significant gaps in the naming scheme indicate the mortality rate for the sisters was quite high due to the rigors of their environment. Several careful attempts to bolster their genome failed more times than not, prompting them to abandon that line of research.

The last five clones at the time of rescue were: Eleanor (60-deceased), Patty (39), Reena (39), Zenna (22) and Alia (16).

…As we lack a full-time counselor, I’ve had to assume that role, particularly with the youngest survivor, Alia. I’ve found that she responds best when given meaningful tasks, so she’s been assisting me in sickbay (with proper supervision) and with my research. She shows great aptitude for the work which is natural considering her background and upbringing. I am considering nominating her for Starfleet as her skill level in her specialties easily rivals that of a last year cadet even while she has significant deficiencies in other areas…
[RP NOTES: Dr. Eric Katriedes is the first male that Alia had significant close contact with and had a profound influence on her. The trauma of losing her eldest sister (who was in almost all respects was her ‘mother’) and being thrown into a new, mostly-male, environment caused her to associate the two subconsciously. Through much patience – and unusual insight – Dr. Katriedes managed to heal some of the damage but she still carries some of the scars to this day. He did eventually sponsor her into Starfleet and remains in contact having taken a paternal interest in his young patient.]