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USS Amandora


Planet Savai

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The Amandora is sent to Plant Savai. The planet has requested admittance to the Federation.

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Character Development

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Following refit of the USS Amandora the brave crew join the trek to boldly go beyond the next star.

Reporting Aboard

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We're getting ready to launch. Post your characters coming onto the ship.

Shake Down Cruise

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Okay here we go!

This is our shake down cruise, we're a brand new ship so there are bound to be problems. Let's have fun. Posting reverts to 1.

The Restroffs (Space Spiders)

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The Amandora while on the way to begin to explore the Sagittarius Sector encounter a large spider web that is woven between three planets that are miles apart.

Character Development

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Character Development

Star Base Mercury

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The Crew of the Amandora are sent out with Admiral Hank Snow to get Star base Mercury up and running. Every department will have a hand in things.

Character Developent

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Time to have some fun.