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Lieutenant JG Tore Bjorgo

Name Tore Bjorgo M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human Augment
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 301lbs. (body density)
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tore is physically fit, with the body and build of an athlete and a strength trainer. He's a good looking fellow with piercing blue eyes, that on occasion seem to bore right through others. He speaks with a strong, distinct British accent, though he seems to have melded the South African accent into it since he became fluent in the South African dialect.

**Simm notation**

The Augments are designed to be remarkably agile, five times as strong and twice as intelligent as a normal Human, resistant to sickness and with enhanced senses, possessing heart muscles twice as strong and lung efficiency fifty percent better. Their blood contains platelets capable of regenerating from any disease or toxin, which could be used to cure or revive medical subjects via transfusion. They also have twice the average lifespan. Even their resistance to directed energy weapons is improved, as it takes multiple shots with a particle weapon to stun one. They are even capable of resisting a Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld. An example of their heightened senses is the fact that Tore can hear a heartbeat from ten meters away.

*Personnel file*

Tore is listed as an Augment in his file, but only for department heads and command officers. If anyone else tries to look at his file it will list him as Human without the proper ID and codes for access. A CLASSIFIED section having been added to inform those with access of his status. Tore has been petitioning the Federation council to change that label, despising being called an augment. His DNA is completely Human, therefore he feels that the species designation of TERRAN would better serve him and his kind, and make others of his ilk less aggressive towards those who see them as a possible threat.

Starfleet knows nothing about his past as an adult, and he rarely speaks of it. That is behind him. His history as a child and what he went through is given, but he left out the part about killing his 'siblings' and the man who had 'awoken' him, and he never revealed that his sister Perzha is still out there somewhere.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tore is a man with a personality that has extra force and impact. He is a dominant person, and can sometimes be too aggressive. In an argument or a clash of wills it is usually his intention to ride right over the opposition. However, as a person of conviction, he will never take part in actions he deems as wrong. He is a clear, incisive thinker and can carry plans to their conclusion. Tore has the Augment charisma trait that allows him to inspire confidence in others, without ever really trying.
Strengths & Weaknesses As an Augment, Tore was initially conceited, arrogant, immature and stubborn. In his youth Tore was quick to anger and could act rashly to a situation and bring his full might to bare on someone before all the facts were in. But, no matter what, he still has a great amount of vanity and ego.

Though he has culled his Augment traits, reigning in his impulses after decades of secretly aiding the Federation with his intellect and his physical prowess, Tore is still somewhat hot-tempered. Even with this negative side to his being he is far more responsible than before, with the UFP allowing him to finally enter Starfleet service. He knew he would be watched, which was fine, for his intentions were both honorable and true. Tore has moments of somber reflection, a deep thinking mode that allows him to maintain his current attitude and personality. Instead of going out and partying with his friends, which he did a lot of as a youth, Tore now, more times than not, will sit and stare idly at the ongoing feasts and revels. Alcohol, toxins and drugs have little or no affect on him.

Tore is one who learns from his mistakes.

Once he finished his medical school in South Africa, after 10 years of academics and graduating with an M.D. and Ph.D. at the same time, using his eidetic memory to learn all of the information incredibly quickly, Starfleet allowed him to join the service as a medical officer. It was easy for Tore to pass the placement tests and after a year at the Academy, testing out, he was given the rank of LT(jg) and assigned to the fleet. This humbled him as he began to treat patients wherever he was stationed, finding that aiding others through their pain was satisfying and fulfilling. This made any remaining arrogance completely disappear, as his interactions with people gave him purpose and friends, and he especially enjoyed helping children. While the arrogance may be gone, he still remains utmostly confident and assured in his abilities as a warrior.
Ambitions To be of service to the people of the UFP, and to serve with distinction in Starfleet to help assuage the fear of his kind.
Hobbies & Interests As would be expected of someone of his caliber Tore enjoys all kinds of physical activities. Quiet times and reading, as well as, meditation keep him grounded. Beyond these likes Tore is also an avid music lover, not only for listening but also for singing and playing for his own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

Service Record SHIP CERTIFICATIONS: Level 4 Security Clearance. (Due to Augment status, and the fact that he himself is considered "classified" by Starfleet Command).

Small arms recalibration, force field maintenance, damage control specialist.

SCIENCE CERTIFICATIONS: Proved masterful with forensic sciences and the medical sciences, grades at the top of his class.

COMBAT CERTIFICATIONS: Due to his Augment status Tore is no stranger to combat, both physical and firearms. Various disciplines.

PERSONAL SKILLS: Having been a merc and bodyguard, Tore is a skilled pilot and navigator, well-versed in small craft piloting and fighters.